Transformation of Transportation

Autonomous Eco-Friendly Robot Cars


One of the dramatic changes in transportation since the days of bullock cart and horse cart has now changed into a vehicle without a steering wheel, gear, or even without a driving seat.  These Autonomous vehicles are called self-driving cars or robot cars. Most of the automobile giants have changed since 2010; the planet is too quick to adopt the change. The word innovation is driving the planet forward. To support these robot cars, some of the countries are transforming normal cities into smart cities.

What are the features and the technology in this vehicle?

These cars are programmed using C++ language to detect the environment also the cars have an inbuilt brain which is a superpower processor programmed and embedded. These robot cars have some unique special features and breathtaking technology where Artificial intelligence plays a key role which has surprised many entrepreneurs around the globe when investing in these upcoming autonomous beasts. When introducing these below technologies inbuilt in a car it was ensured a safe and eco-friendly plant in the future.

  • Data Storage – a portable drive for in-car and data Centre use. Specialized design for Autonomous Vehicle development.
  • Drive-by wire – Electronics and controllers to interface between processing and robotic control of your vehicle. Steer, brake, accelerate using by-wire interfaces for specific vehicles or as an open standard.
  • Positioning – Including satellite positioning and inertia measurement – Locate your vehicle, back up the system, and fine-tune with antennas.
  • Power – Supply, voltage change, and signal cleaning, and power management.
  • Processing – Component and system-level processing, from exciting and world-leading engineering companies with first-hand AV development experience
  • Sensors – Active and passive sensors including camera, Lidar, Radar, Ultrasonic, Thermal, and driver sensors.
  • Camera – The most common machine vision sensor, mimicking the human eye
  • LiDar – Infrared wavelength laser emitter and sensor system for ranging.
  • Radar – Short wavelength, high energy sensor suited for penetrating poor weather and traveling long range.
  • Ultrasonic – Using high-frequency audio, the ideal short-range sensor for close object detection
  • Software – Software tools for research, development, testing, simulation, and validation. And some serious coding to ensure the car is 100% smart.
What are the companies leading in this technology?
  1. Waymo by Google
  2. GM Cruise
  3. Agro AI
  4. Tesla
  5. Baidu
  6. Renault
  7. BMW
What makes a student a successful Autonomous vehicle engineer?

These sophistications are loved by the younger generation, each time they access the internet, they intend to search what’s new?  It is been observed by many research scientists. Younger generations are crazy about (AV) in cartoons and science fiction movies, and when they see them in real their eye pupils becomes bigger with a surprising facial reaction. Due to this, there is a huge demand for automobile engineering degree programs. Students ensure they achieve high secondary school results in order to obtain admission from leading universities around the globe.

Today to become a successful (AV) engineer students should have knowledge of Computer science, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics for autonomous systems, and robotics engineering. Along with these students should be very good in their math, critical thinking, creativity, and problem analyzing skills. An engineer who has these skills and knowledge earns an average of $ 238,018 per annum and the lowest makes around $ 150,000 per annum. It also confirms the top 25th percentile makes over $ 350,000 per annum this includes salary, bonus, and profit share.

                                                                                                                                                        Which Degree programs recommended getting into the industry?
  1. Electronic systems for autonomous vehicles
  2. A dual major in Computer science and Artificial intelligence
  3. Robotics engineering
  4. Major in Automobile engineering and minor in Computer science
  5. Embedded systems engineering
Which country provides the best learning experience for this area?
  1. United States of America
  2. Japan
  3. Germany
  4. United kingdom
  5. France
  6. Netherlands

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