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Mechatronics Engineering

What can I pick if I am stuck between technology and traditional engineering? What can I choose if I’m interested in both the fields? Is there any way to combine and get the knowledge in both these fields? YES – Here it is ‘Mechatronics’ – the synergistic blend of science & technology dealing with mechanics, electronics and informatics.

What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics deals with modern approach to automation techniques for the needs of engineering and education fields which covers famous disciplines such as power electronics, electrical engineering, digital and microprocessor technology along with other techniques. This course as a whole influence your mindset to approach technological issues with a comprehensive knowledge on new technologies and traditional engineering skills. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? 

How do I break into this field?

 A bachelor degree in mechatronics generally takes four years to complete where students spend their first two years studying math, science, introductory engineering and other general education requirements. Students are required to have an understanding in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics as the main subjects in the high school stage, as it will further help them in this course. The main technologies that govern the art of mechatronics involves robotics, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications, systems management, machine control, and product engineering

What does mechatronics engineers do?

In the norm mechanical and electrical engineering are considered to be the most versatile for the most roles. When someone asks, “What can you do with a mechatronics degree?” very often the answer is “Almost anything you want.” Since mechatronics has a package of the synergic knowledge of mechanical, electrical, computer and software skills to deal with smart technologies such as robots, develop products plus build prototypes, install new equipment and automated guided systems. The skills that employers look for, such as how to build, repair, program and maintain smart machines are covered in the scope of mechatronics. In a nutshell a mechatronic engineer will possess the skills to develop solutions to industrial problems using mechanical, electronic combines with computer technology, design engineering system for automation and apply mechatronic solutions to the transfer of materials and finished goods.

Is mechatronics engineering in demand?

If you`re looking to prepare for a job that involves robots, automated machinery, computers, or manufacturing, now is a great time. Mechatronics has been identified as an emerging field with ‘high priority’ and ‘high impact’ occupation by the US Department of Labor. The demand for mechatronics will continue to grow as most business focus to turn their technologies to AI and intelligent systems.

The manufacturing industry which is the heartbeat of nations such as

  • China
  • Japan
  • US
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherland
  • England
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Italy

are relied on mechatronics to improve efficiency – where the market for mechatronics is now booming than never.  

Which study destinations are ideal for mechatronics?

 The best countries to study mechatronics are Australia, Canada, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, UK and USA.Mechatronics can be studied in a range of levels from undergraduate to doctorate. In undergraduate level mechatronics is available as BSC or BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) depending on the country and university you study at. A lot of your time will be spent in laboratory sessions where you’ll be able to develop your practical skills and reinforce what you’ve learned in lectures.

What would be my pay scale as a mechatronics engineer? ‘

Mechatronics engineering professionals are highly valued today and salaries reflect this fact – average salary of mechatronics engineers is estimated to be $99,040 per year. However, salaries typically start from $53,730 and go up to $182,559.

What jobs do you get with mechatronics degree?

 When it comes to career opportunities mechatronics tends to be a promising field while simultaneously improving your prospects in job market. Amongst the wider industry that require the support of mechatronics engineers, the most likely industries to offer jobs are technology-based industries, manufacturing industry, software firms, mining industry, defense and research organizations. The mechatronics professionals work in different areas such as robotics, Nano technology, electrical system and many other tech related aspects of industries.

What will be my job profile as a mechatronic engineer?

Mechatronics candidates are placed in job profiles such as

  • Mechatronics architect
  • Automation engineer
  • Research assistant
  • Nano technologist
  • Bio engineer

In this 21st century, the global economy demands more and more polymaths. Research has shown that people with multiple interests and cross-disciplinary expertise are more likely to be successful.

As a whole mechatronics in an interesting field which involves a lot of practical approach in comparison to theoretical approach – the best way to get the maximum of this is to relate concepts to things around you in every day life.

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