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Everything You Need To Know About Interior Designing

What is interior designing?

Interior designing major provides creative and technical solution, including space, form, function & material which is mainly focused on lighting, space layout, building services and whatever makes your surrounding a better place.  A wide array of academic and industrial training that facilitates students to work in projects involving retail, branding, commercial, hospitality, exhibition and furniture designing is encouraged through this major.  The best friends of interior designers are architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and construction laborers and helpers as they work closely to achieve the desired results.

If you have a great deal of creative and innovative mind, exploring this major will add value to your traits through workshops, seminars and other activities. Are you ready to face the deign industry?

How do I break into this field?

Interior designer tends to innovate new spaces and renovate old ones – though the task seems to be simply straight forwarded the path to a career in interior designing requires specific skills in certain subjects. If you want to pursue a career in interior designing note that the backbone of this major would be art and a media subject – a comprehensive understanding in the subjects of arts, home science and business in high school would be highly supportive and creates a strong foundation for this major. Art is beneficial for students who are interested to become interior designers as it gives basic skills such as composition, drawing, color theory and especially perspective to decide on designs, while home science boosts skills such as creativity which prepares students to excel in interior designing major. In addition, media subjects such as computer aided drafting and graphics communication knowledge in high school would provide an added advantage to explore this major.

In a nutshell it’s a blend of creative thinking and artistic vision – Isn’t that interesting?

What does interior designer do?

Interior designers are focused on the satisfaction and safety of the customers. The innovative ideas developed by these designers are turned into reality by many companies under a specific budget. Interior designers tend to be creative and motivated at all times to get the best for their assignment. They usually work with themes such as culture, heritage generation and surrounding in accordance to the requirements of their clients. Interior designers make interior spaces safe, and beautiful by defining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. If you happen to receive constant stream of compliments regarding the way you design your own home and how good your taste is when it comes to shaping up interiors, then a career as an interior designer might just be waiting for you. The following are some of the common tasks of interior designers.

  • Determine the client’s goals and requirements for the project
  • Specify furnishing & materials from flooring to fixtures
  • Impose timelines and cost for interior design project
  • Visualizing and sketching design plans for interior spaces.
  • Keeping an eye on the upcoming trends.
  • Ensuring that the end result is aesthetic and functional.

Is interior designing in demand?

Employments for interior designers are projected to grow 4% from 2020 to 2028. Designers will be needed to respond to consumer expectations that the interiors of structures meet certain conditions, such as being environmentally friendly and easily accessible. Interior designers depend heavily on construction industry to generate new work projects for them. In addition to demand created by new construction, demand for interior designers will also arise from the need to remodel and renovate existing homes, commercial buildings, and other facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, and schools. A new trend that boosts demand for interior designers are the need to accommodate the future living needs of aging population as they mostly prefer to stay home.

Which study destinations are ideal for interior designing?

Completing an interior design major in the below mentioned countries can give you the practical and theoretical experience to become an interior designer, either for a company, or to set up your own company. Building a portfolio of work while studying is crucial to show what you’ve learnt and how you can help future employers and clients

The following destinations provide advanced knowledge and will introduce you to new techniques and trends, including those from the local culture.

  • The USA.
  • The UK.
  • Canada.
  • Ireland.
  • Australia.
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • France

What would be my pay scale as an interior designer?

In the field of interior designing factors such as experience, geographical factor and the type of interior design influences annual pay. The interior designers in the architecture and engineering industry have the highest pay. The hourly pay of interior designers in US ranges as high as $38.22 and as low as $9.13. The median annual pay for interior designers in US is estimated to be $56,040. The median annual wages for interior designers in the top industries in which they work are as follows:

  • Architecture & engineering related designers – $60,910
  • Specialized design services – $54,710
  • Wholesale Trade – $53,870
  • Furniture Store $47,340

What jobs do you get with interior designing major?

The potential interior design employers are architectural firms, construction companies, exhibition centers, event management companies and also production firms into media business who create space for people to live, shop, work and to be entertained. As an interior designer you can work in house or for consultancies that provide services to a range of clients.

Career paths in interior designing covers aspects of drawing techniques, concept development, computer visualization, multimedia, graphic design and model-making.  This major also allows you to develop transferable skills that are valued by a range of employers. These include research skills, creative thinking, presentation and communication skills, organizational skills, team working and IT proficiency.

In some states licensed designers may do interior design works but in other states, both licensed and unlicensed designers do this work. In states only, the candidates who pass their state-approved exam, most commonly the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) are eligible to be registered as interior designers. The eligibility relies on a major and two years of work experience.

What will be my job profile as an interior designer?

  • Certified kitchen designers
  • Corporate designers
  • Stylist
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Furniture arrangers
  • Healthcare designers
  • Home lighting advisers
  • Interior decorators
  • Kitchen and bath designers
  • Kitchen designers
  • Sustainable designers
  • Universal designers
  • Fashion Designer

In the world of fashion and design the two most important aspects that define your success are your portfolio and your contacts. Make a great portfolio initially and if that means working as an assistant to someone for a small amount of time, so be it. It is important to work keeping in mind the local sensibilities, tastes, climate patterns and needs. Try to mix and match with new trends and be connected with the world – stay with the pulse of the industry. Interior decorating is a very dynamic field that has opportunities for growth.

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