Rise of the digital era

Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Marketing is the game changer for new products and services for the past three decades – aligned with technology it has made a revolution. The invention of personal computers has led the marketing companies to see a big change in the history of marketing. The INTERNET, BIG DATA and SMARTPHONES are the visionaries that have set the benchmark for digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Industry at Present

Every business has its own goals and objectives. The blend of digital marketing into businesses promotes business objectives online. Along with the emergence of internet the concept of online marketing grew right along with it where businesses began to use the technologies of digital marketing to tap their target audience.

Transforming The Planet To Digital

To kickstart our careers in this industry, there are certain terms which are core of our careers in digital marketing. Let’s get into more depth!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The visibility of a website in a web search engine’s result is basically the process of search engine optimization. In the norm the higher a business ranks on search results and the more often it appears in searches which results in more traffic to the website. Digital marketing firms impose strategies to help their clients achieve higher rankings. The SEO strategy is developed by researching on keywords relevant to each category and searched most on major search engines, thereby the desired ranking goal is achieved.  The strength of SEO is determined by designing the elements in such a way that it ensures search engine understands what the page is about and rank it properly.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing incorporates SEO – it’s the same as SEO however the difference is that it uses a combination of paid online advertising or paid search along with organic search results.  SEM pairs up with Google AdWords or Bing Ads for advertising.

Are you familiar with ‘Pay-per-click’ model? Well that’s the game changer which drives traffic to website. Basically, PPC begins with campaign development to include audience research, keyword research and bid strategy as well as Text Ad Copy, Banners and Landing pages that will drive qualified traffic and generate action and ROI.

Social Media (SoMe)

Social Media is the new trend setter in digital marketing industry as it generates more users which is increased customer base for all businesses. The more recognizable benefits of social media marketing such as advertising and brand awareness are an integral part in the digital marketing industry. However, a business’ social presence provides additional benefits in SEO and website optimization along with retaining and acquiring new customer base.

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr are some of the best-known ones that generate high traffic for business accounts. One of the trending digital marketing strategy in SoMe is influencer marketing that can be defined as the digital marketing’s “word of mouth” strategy that will have an influence on your purchase behavior.

Content Marketing

The best content will employ SEO best practices that will ensure the search engines can read your content and index it online. Within the practice of SEO, there are specific ranking factors to consider. Based on how your site and your content performs in these assessments, an algorithm will serve your pages to searchers.

Some ranking signals are stronger than others. Some of the top factors are

  • Links.
  • Content.
  • RankBrain.
  • Direct web traffc.
  • Mobile responsive design.
  • HTTPS.
  • Anchor text keywords.
  • User behavior signals

Content Marketing is, in a word, your content; the information on your website that informs the customer about your products or services. What makes up content? Because content marketing can take so many forms and speak to so many audiences and buyer personas, there are endless possibilities for what a single piece of content might look like.

  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonials
  • Webinars
  • User Generated Contents
  • Podcasts
  • Hashtag campaigns

Web Design

Website is the core of a digital marketing strategy as its unlikely to have an online presence without a website where users can’t be converted into customers. So, what do you think makes a great website?

  • User friendly Interface
  • A layout and backend that will reflect on mobile devices
  • Speed performance and optimization

Automation Trends

Automation impacts all the digital marketing touchpoints changing email marketing into behavioral marketing. A digital marketer can manage multiple accounts, track a prospect, monitor his behavior, make a sales pitch in real time or run a drip campaign.

Future of Digital Marketing

Technology becomes increasingly available to the general public, people are more receptive to marketing tactics when the material is formatted directly for them. In an age where nearly everything is customized for the user, marketing should be no different.

Shoppable Post

Consumers are constantly looking for the easiest, quickest way to shop. This is why using different social media platforms allow users to simply click on a post and buy an item featured in it.

AI Chat Boxes

Consumers prefer a “human-touch” while they shop online, hence marketers are using artificial intelligence chat boxes that speak to consumers in comprehensive sentences while answering any questions a customer may have while shopping, giving the illusion of a human interaction and involving the customer more in the process.

Artificial Reality & Virtual Reality

This will allow consumers to see products in 3D before making the final decision regarding whether or not to purchase a specific product which conveys the experience of shopping in-person through artificial reality. Through virtual reality companies will be able to create the illusion of in-store shopping for customers through the use of devices such as VR glasses.

Voice Search

As more households adopt IoT technologies like smart speakers and personal assistants, voice search can be expected to rise in future. However digital marketers will need to optimize their content to voice-friendly terms and phrases to increase their searchability.

The future of Digital Marketing is bright, and it will continue to move forward with every advancing step of technology.

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