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Everything You Need To Know About Environmental Engineering

Have you ever wondered how much an engineering site can add pollution to the environment? We all talk about other major factors that affect our environment. We forget to include the small details that can harm the environment. Which is engineering.

Does it mean we can altogether avoid doing engineering? Of course, we cannot. Come on! Then we should live like how Admas and Eves lived in ancient times.

The best way to reduce the side-effects of engineering is we need to switch to Green Engineering.  They use some principles to decrease pollution and minimize human population exposure to potential hazards by maintaining economic efficiency. We can reduce emissions, reduce waste, conserve water, and consume less energy by going green. 

This can result in less global warming and reduce the loss of polar bears. ( IKR they’re too cute!)

The future is in the hands of Eco-friendly construction and engineering. Once it might have been a stuff of science fiction but now it is a growing industry. Children of this generation need to know about this as it becoming the top engineering field in the future. Green engineering is also known as environmental engineering.

Now the question is how to be a green engineer? Don’t worry we got you all covered.

Like any other qualification, you need to have the basics. You will need a high school diploma and evidence of background knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Students interested in studying environmental engineering should take high school courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

If you are qualified then it’s easy to get into any college and study for your green engineering degree like any other degree. Environmental engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or a related field, such as civil, chemical, or general engineering. Employers also value practical experience

The undergraduate course in environmental engineering in the USA is a 4-year course, and in the UK it usually takes 3 years to graduate. Some of the best bachelor programs in environmental engineering are :

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor in Environmental Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) in Environmental Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning

Students will study mathematics, chemistry, ecology, biology, hydraulics, microbiology, and several other topics to master green engineering. Some of the expected skillsets for environmental engineering are critical thinking, attentive listening, complex problem solving, coordination, communication skills, and management skills. Come on just books won’t help you, you need skills to master anything.

The next step would be choosing the right university for this particular major. There are a lot of universities that have environmental engineering degrees. By selecting the best university that is suitable for you, you can master environmental engineering and excel in your respective field. 

Career opportunities

In today’s world, environmental engineering is an up-and-coming field. You can’t just graduate in a subject because it is promising right? We need to know if it has any scope in the future. Yes, it has.

Due to its diversity, students have numerous fields to choose from with high-paying jobs. Students can build a stable career within a few years, along with a handsome salary and other job incentives. 

There is an eminent demand for trained professionals in the industry for multiple job profiles for domains like water, and sewage treatment, pollution control, waste disposal strategies, etc. are required in large numbers. The average Environmental Engineer’s salary would be around $67,303 per year according to payscale in 2022.

Some of the best careers for environmental engineering grads are :

  • Water project manager
  • Senior environmental engineer
  • Environmental health and safety detector
  • Environmental engineering consultant
  • Green building engineer

As the world’s population increases under the effects of climate change, engineers face new and evolving challenges with sustainability and the health of our natural and built environment. The EESS research group aims to meet emergent and dynamic challenges of environmental stewardship and sustainability, and focuses on:

  • Water Resources Engineering, Science, and Sustainability
  • Water Treatment
  • Climate Change Adaptation, Smart Cities, Resilient Infrastructure
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Decision-making
  • Air Pollution Engineering, Science, and Modeling

With all the praising of environmental benefits, you also need to know the dark side of it. Of course, there are some cons to discuss. Even if it’s environmentally friendly, it might need high production costs, and high implementation costs to start. Since every new technology is quite expensive, the products related to green tech will also be rather expensive at the beginning. 

Although it is a quite promising technology and will be important in the future, green tech is still quite immature since the pressure on industries is not high enough in many countries yet. But yet environmental engineering is VITAL FOR OUR FUTURE! As global warming and environmental pollution are increasing, to save our planet earth in the future there will be an even greater need for environmental engineers to help deal with the problem that we might face in the future.

As youngsters, it’s your job to save the planet by going green and becoming an environmental engineer not only for your use but also to save the planet earth.

Green tech is relatively young at our current point in time, it will become quite important in the near future since we have to solve our environmental problems somehow. The younger generations need to study environmental engineering as it might become the highest paying and high in-demand job in the future. Choosing wisely for the benefit of your future is in your hands.

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