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Have you’ll ever watched big bang theory and thought of becoming one of them? Come on, not even once? ( Of course, I did ). If you’re a big bang fan you’ll know Raj is an astrophysicist. 

So what is an astrophysicist and how to become one? Don’t worry I have covered it all in this article.

Astronomy is a study beyond the Earth. It includes the objects we see in the sky as the sun, moon, planets, and stars. It also includes far-away galaxies and tiny particles. It can gather clues about the nature of the physical, chemical, and biological universe itself.

Astronomers study some of the biggest unanswered questions known today.

In the past astronomy has been broadly split into two observational astronomy and theoretical astronomy. Observational astronomy is focused on getting data from observations. In the end, the observations are analyzed using basic principles of physics. Theoretical astronomy is based on the development of computer or analytical models to describe astronomical objects.

Qualifications for Astronomy

The basic qualification is that you have to study physics, mathematics, and chemistry in your advanced high school courses. This is the first step to becoming an astronomer.

People who study astronomy should have a very great interest in the universe and what exists beyond the universe. They need the skill of creative problem-solving and reasoning skills. Communication skills are one of the top skills that are expected.

Before becoming an astronomer and studying astronomy you should ask yourself if you are willing to commit. If you enjoy the challenges that mathematics and science bring then you’re the best to become an astronomer. If you are interested in solving large problems with big ideas, astronomy is your major!

A basic astronomy major would about take ;

  • 4 years of bachelor’s degree in science
  • 2 years of Master’s degree in Science
  • 3 years of the Ph.D. program

Career options

If you have a science-based degree, it will provide you with a variety of job opportunities. Some astronomy job requires you to spend the majority of time in the lab, while the others give you the freedom to travel and explore different environments. You have to choose the best-fit job that suits your nature. 

According to research overall employment has grown 8 percent from 2020 to 2030. This indicates that the future of the students who study astronomy is bright and broad.

The best job opportunities are ;

  1. Astronomer
  2. Astrophysicist
  3. Physicist
  4. Aeronautical engineer
  5. Senior technical writer
  6. College professor
  7. Planetarium director
  8. Meteorologist
  9. Research scientist
  10. Climatologist

The salary range differs for each and every job. The highest paying job in astronomy is known as Data engineer. The average astronomer’s salary in the United States is $117,562 as of April 2022. But the range falls between $115,694 and $135,653

Why should you choose astronomy as your major?

Astronomy is a broad field for kids who love science at its best. It answers all your big questions. People who wonder about what happens outside the universe will get fascinated after studying astronomy. Studying astronomy would help you to discover new things in the universe.

Astronomy is the foundation for all the sciences. This will give you a basic understanding of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Even if you chose not to become someone related to the astronomy field, it provided you with broad scientific knowledge and transferable skills.

An astronomy major is a stepping stone to a career in science or engineering.

If you carefully choose the graduate schools and experiences, you will always have an interesting career in a related field. You will never be jobless, as the field is wide so does the job opportunities. 

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