245 Million Years Ago

All You Need to Know About Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex embryo in its egg

Are you a Jurassic fan? If so,  you might have wondered how it would feel if we had real dinosaurs at this time! What would the world be like if dinosaurs never actually went extinct?

FUN right?! But we need at least thousands of Chris Pratt to save our lives! 

Even though you might think that the dinosaurs are cute, they can be extremely dangerous as well. If you have watched all of the Jurassic films you would know the details. That’s why they should become extinct. 

Dinosaurs are a group of reptiles that have lived on Earth for about 245 million years. They evoke around 200 million years ago. A lot of numbers right?

Dinosaurs have a lot of variations. There were more than 700 different ones. They were small and big. They took over the land, sea, and sky as well. Some were herbivores and others were carnivores. Some of the types of dinosaurs are Pterodactyl, Silvisaurus, Liranosaurus, Brontosaurus, Gallimimus, Diplodocus, Theropods, and many more. 

The famous T Rex dinosaur that you see on your computer screen when your network is clashing, is one of the theropods.

Sauropods looked like giraffes. They had the longest neck and long tails. 

If you have watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, you would have seen Ankylosaurus, the Pachycephalosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus, the Triceratops, the Troodon, and the Dino Birds. 

They were the largest mysterious creatures to walk the Earth. They are related to today’s reptiles and birds. Even though we say that all dinosaurs are extinct, paleontologists technically include modern birds as a survival group of avian dinosaurs.

So if Dinosaurs are related to reptiles, how do they differ a lot from them? 

Normal reptiles had legs positioned to the sides, like a crocodile. But for dinosaurs, their legs are pulled beneath the body to act as towers. This adaptation made dinosaurs easier to move around. This was a huge advantage for them.

Do you want an interesting fact? Titanoboa is the world’s largest snake that lived after the extinction of the dinosaurs 58 to 60 million years ago. Even their extinction was due to climate change and global temperature. If you have seen the movie Titanoboa: Monster Snake, you would know how dangerous and enormous it is.

In the  Mesozoic era, dinosaurs filled every imaginable ecological niche on land imaginable. They ruled the world in this era.

Paleontologists study many different fossils on earth including dinosaurs. They classify and name the fossils and dinosaurs they belong to. 

FUN FACT: Dinosaur comes from the Greek words “deinos” and “souros” which means fearfully great lizard. They are just lizards but way bigger than the normal ones.

Isn’t it interesting to read all this stuff and get drawn into it? I got excited to learn about dinosaurs like you too!

Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

Being this big enormous animals to walk on earth it’s hard to believe that they all became extinct. The extinction of the dinosaurs occurred between 65 and 66 million years ago.

Evidence suggests that the asteroid or comet impact was the main culprit. The earth itself was the reason. 

They suggest that volcanic eruptions that caused large-scale climate change may also result in extinction. At the end of this period, there was increased volcanic activity. Over several million years, this increased volcanism could have created enough dust and blocked out the sunlight, producing climatic change. But some scientists argue that volcanic activity couldn’t possibly kill all the massive dinosaurs on the planet. 

Dinosaurs used to live in warm and mild temperatures during the Mesozoic era. And all of a sudden due to climate change, the Earth got much darker and cooler. Climate change restricted the food supply for many life forms. Plants’ diet and food became inadequate. The Interference with the food supply also contributed to the dinosaur’s extension. 

One of the other reasons was the undoubted environmental changes in temperature, light intensity, sea temperature, and climate change in the years that resulted in the extension. 

So what is the conclusion? The exact reason for this mass extinction is still a scientific debate. Whether by asteroid or volcano, the only thing we do know is that the whole planet changed suddenly and drastically. The only ones who survived are some mammals, reptiles, and birds who then took over the planet.

The extinction of the dinosaurs in a way is a good thing. It made way for the evolution of mammals and humans. If the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct many years ago, humans may have never evolved. Just imagine if you and the dinosaurs are living together. 99% chance of getting killed by just getting out of the house.

Dinosaurs are one of the wonders of earth that lived and got extinct over a particular period. Even though the movies suggest the idea of Dinosaurs getting back on earth. I think it’s good if they stay extinct. Still, we cannot question science, can we? The earth always surprises us with its miracles.

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