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All You Need to Know About Ghosts

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When walking alone in the dark streets or when you’re at your house all alone enjoying your late-night drinks, you might have sometimes experienced some kind of paranormal activity. A shadow walks in front of you, a man standing behind you, or you might even hear someone whisper in your ear.

The thing that cannot be explained by science. The thing we call  “GHOSTS”.

Are ghosts real?

The existence of ghosts is a huge controversy in today’s society. It still doesn’t have a definite answer.

Whenever you hear, “Once upon a time there lived a ghost….” your heart rate might increase in either excitement or fear.

Sometimes you might have heard or experienced some mysterious presence in your lifetime.

The ghost films like The Conjuring, Nun, and The Grudge are all based on the mystery and spookiness that makes our hearts skip a beat.

Science believes that there are no ghosts. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that different people have experienced a lot of ghostly things. Even some recent scientific experiments prove the point toward the existence of ghostly phenomena.

A lot of people have experienced ghosts in the photographs they have taken. After taking the picture and checking them, some people have seen a figure that was not present at that moment when they were taking the picture. Most people do not notice it at that time but lately, it will show up in the print. Next time when you take a picture, check very carefully to see if you are taking selfies with the ghost.

Spirits and ghosts are almost related but not truly. There is a strong difference between them. Ghosts are said to be the evil ones that we see in the movies. That has an unfinished business in the world and takes revenge or something. Spirit on the other hand is the good ghost. They are genuine and just visit their relatives for a quick visit without doing any harm.

 Souls are the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal.

You may know that some stories are based on the haunted house. For example, in The Conjuring, they get haunted by the ghost that lived in the house. Places that are haunted are usually believed to be associated with some occurrence or emotion in the ghosts’ past.

Among major cities in America, New York is especially rich with ghost stories.

After reading all this and if you get excited about ghosts and want to try communicating with the ghosts all you need is an Ouiji board. Trying an Ouiji board with friends in a drake and haunted place is one of the fun things you should try doing. Some people say they do work and some decline. If you need to find out you have to check to do it.

Many people claim they hear or sense the dead. Many who sense spirits or hear voices turn to spiritualist beliefs, the idea that human souls continue to exist after death and communicate with the living through a medium or psychic.

The idea of the dead remaining on Earth in spirit is a popular trope in literature

Ghosts can be experienced, measured, and proven, according to ghost hunters. Ghost hunters go on ghost hunting to investigate the locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. For example, Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring films is a ghost hunter.

As seen on a variety of different TV shows, ghost hunters use electronic devices like night vision cameras and EMF meters in haunted places.

Do you know that even ghosts have types? Weird right?

Many people still do believe in ghosts even if they haven’t experienced them in real life. They believe in ghost movies and documentaries about ghosts. They can also believe in ghosts as the comfort it brings to consider that lost family members are with us in our time of need.

There is still a lot of confusion about the existence of ghosts. Some say it is true and others say it is not. The only one who needs to decide is YOU. Have you seen a ghost in real? Or are you just believing in the stories? Whatever it is, Don’t let the ghost Haunt you!

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