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All You Need to Know About Becoming a Powerful Leader

Leaders live by choice, not by accident. Not everyone can become a leader. To become a powerful leader there’s a lot of work. All the famous leaders who lived made their way to become powerful leaders through struggles and barriers. Great leaders know how to inspire others with their vision of the future. They can influence and inspire others to follow them in achieving great results.

It is commonly said that politicians have the dirtiest reputation and it’s the worst field of job. But it’s not exactly true. There are still politicians and aspiring ones that possess good qualities. 

Becoming a successful politician takes skill and effort. Some of the skills and attributes that they need are :

  1. They need to network with people
  2. Strategic and critical thinking
  3. Social acuteness
  4. Crisis management and problem-solving
  5. Public speaking
  6. Thinking before speaking
  7. Open Mindedness and creativity
  8. Continuous improvement
  9. Vision
  10. Trustworthiness
  11. Mathematics 
  12. Psychology 
  13. Leadership 
  14. Futuristic Thinking 
  15. Multilingual ( Knowing Different Language – English, French, Hindi, Spanish) 

One of the best qualities found in a good politician is the person who walks the talk kind of attitude. The politicians before he gets the seat of his desired position might give a lot of promises to the citizens on how they will upgrade the country and lead their country in the best way. But after they get their position do they live by their word? Do they keep up the promises?

The good leader would keep up his words and do the same things he said that he would do if he got the position. 

Good leaders should mainly have concerns about their people. He shouldn’t be selfish but should attend to the needs of his people. The politicians should look at the main things that their people are asking off. They should know to make the best decisions at the correct time. 

A good politician should speak multi-languages. For example, Abdul Kalam knows about thirteen languages. Having a handle on more than one language for communication is important to rule the country. It helps the leader to connect well with his nation’s people.

Politicians should also be highly educated. Because many leadership attributes are gained through education. They should at least have majors in political science or economics. Leaders with no education can not cope with the change hence it hinders the country’s development. 

In reality there are no requirements to be a politician. However, to be a perfect political leader one should have one of the following majors to gain sufficient knowledge. In Fact a Masters degree will be ideal to be a strong and a powerful leader. 


  • Political Science 
  • Economics 
  • Commerce 
  • Business Psychology 
  • Mathematics       

Who is a powerful leader?

There are a lot of powerful leaders who lead their countries and make a great impact. Some of them :

  • Barack Obama
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Xi Jinping
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Winston Churchhill
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Alexander, The Great
  • Narendra Modi
  • David Cameron

 and many more. These are some of the leaders who lived to serve the country.

Saudi Arabia is an absolute hereditary monarchy, governed by a king, and the royal family dominates the political system. It has good relations with the West, especially the United States, as a strategic energy and security ally. 

Let’s face it. Politics can bring out the worst in people. Even the greatest leaders in history have had horrible qualities. Just like everyone has a good side and a bad side, politicians also have both. But what they choose to do is what that makes them.

Powerful politicians need to know their country’s ideal growth rate and how they can achieve it. They also need to know what causes economic growth and how can their country encourage faster growth. Economic growth is measured by an increase in gross domestic product, which is defined as the combined value of all goods and services produced within a country in a year. 

Economic growth is mostly driven by consumer spending and business investment. Economic growth reduces the sting of scarcity. The main three factors that can create economic growth are more capital, more labour, and better use of existing capital or labour. 

How a nation designs and operates its economic and political infrastructure is crucial because such infrastructure provides the proper incentives for individuals, firms, and policymakers to undertake activities that generate rising standards of living over time.

If the leaders make one wrong decision regarding their country, they might lead the country into an abysmal situation. Presidential weakness is bad for the nation. Without a powerful president to lead the country, the country will face a major crisis and downfall. Presidents who are extremely selfish and steal money from the government are known to be the worst presidents. 

One good example is the recent crisis happening in Srilanka. The major downfall of the country is due to the weakness of the president in decision making and having a selfish mindset that made their citizens angry. Srilanka is facing the deepest political crisis they have ever faced. 

The bad qualities of a president are shown. Srilanka’s president stole most of the country’s money and only spent a little amount of money on the country. This is the major reason for the downfall.

If the president is not known to be true to his country he will face the same situation, where the people will chase him out of his country. The government will lose the loyalty of the people, including their servants. 

This also shows that choosing the correct leader for the country is very important. When the choice goes wrong, every country might face this exact situation. 

Being a leader is not that easy. It comes with a lot of challenges and hardships. One of the greatest challenges of leadership is shouldering the responsibility it confers. They should know how to navigate through pressure and how to deal with difficult people. They should stay motivated all the time and not lose hope amid a crisis but rebuild the nation through anything.

The political parties face challenges like lack of democracy, increased dependence on money and muscle power, failure to provide a meaningful choice to the voters, and many more.  Sometimes not all the members of the party have a chance to take part in the decision. 

With power in the hands of a few top leaders all party positions go to their family members. These members may not be qualified or have the ability to hold their positions. These are some of the major challenges faced by the political parties.

Powerful leaders are not born but created. Everyone must look after themselves to see if they are becoming good leaders in their field. We all respect a good leader. The name of the best leader will be spoken even after his death if he kept his words and properly led the country. A leader may not have all the best qualities. But they still work through their skills to make the country a better place. 

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