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If you are an aspiring cook who loves to work in the food industry. This is the chance to get into the culinary world! The future of culinary seems bright and full of hopes. It is a growing field with a lot of technologies and robots involved. Emerging technologies open up new ways to prepare food and prepare our meals.

The technology world has developed significantly over the past years. There is a lot of transformation happening everywhere you look. There are a lot of food trends happening right now! The food industry is evolving and investing in e-commerce, robotics, and technology like never before. 

Technology has even changed the way people cook their meals. This increasing technology has made the burning question on every chef’s mind “What is my future going to look like?”

The future for the chef is broad and growing. It is changing due to the development in technology. For example, Robots in the kitchen are one of the main new changes in the culinary industry. Robots are taking over the kitchen. You might have seen robots being replaced by waiters and waitresses. But never did you expect a robot to replace the professional chef!

Several tech firms are now developing robots that can cook and plate up entire meals. Cool right? Robotics kitchens are made. The robots can cook whatever food you need with a click of a button. They don’t need years of training or education, unlike real chefs.

This innovation raises the question, is this the end of Chefs? Do Robots take over the place of chefs? Not really. All these robots and stuff are used to help hand in hand with the chefs. Not to replace them. They work with robots. The robotic kitchen can only follow instructions from the real chef. So no worries! You still have your job!

Robotic kitchen robots can do all the work but can’t create an intimate food experience. They can’t create new recipes. They can’t introduce new dining trends. For all that you need chefs! 

Chefs nowadays have the freedom to do what they love, without any pressure and restraint of a set menu. Their creativity and innovations are appreciated and they bring new trends into the food industry. 

VR-AR-3D Printers 

So when they say that technology has grown, did you expect that in the future, you can dine from anywhere you want through the power of AR and virtual reality. Dining trends will see people eating from literally anywhere, be it a rooftop, outer space, or floating garden. 

The best thing is that in the future, you can see the true-to-scale 3D visual representations of each item on the menu. This will make choosing the food items easy as you can see them right before your eyes. So you don’t have to worry about the size and what they will look like. This is an advantage as you can choose your portion correctly without getting disappointed after ordering the food. 

Do you know that they have 3D food printing? Some supermarkets and bakeries are now printing cakes, cookies, and candies using startup Print2 Taste’s Bocusini device. They have printers for pizza amusement parks, large-scale restaurants, and more. By making pizza ingredients in powder form and dehydrating them, their printer has even made pizzas in space. In more futuristic applications, 3D printers will even support specialised diets. 

From meat to desserts and everything in between are done through 3D technologies. There is 3D print liquids and fruits with a dovetailed design studio. The world’s first based liquid printer is Dovetailed’s nufood 3D printer. One of the first applications was with the combination of fruit juice and sodium alginate powder for the creation of different fruits. Now they still make fruit flavoured droplets for luxury foods and cocktails.

There is a 3D printing machine for pasta. It is used to create good quality pastas in unique shapes. Nowadays real meat products can also be 3D printed. In future this could put an end to factory farming. It is clear that in recent times, 3D printing plays a very important role in our lives. There are alot of chefs using this system in their kitchen. But with that said, having a 3D printer in a restaurant is an expensive option. As it is expensive not everyone can afford it. 

With that said, turning food waste into 3D printed cutlery is a new and worth mentioning thing. It is dedicated to the reuse of food waste for use with 3D printing. They use the food waste to give it a *-second chance by creating sustainable and uniquely designed food.

Cooking recipes online through auditive input is an easier way to cook your meal. As your hands and eyes will be busy in the cooking process, you can’t look at the youtube videos and cook at the same time. So getting auditory guidance is a more accessible and appropriate way to make your meal the right way. 

There is a food management system. It is used to manage food safety and ensure that all food that is produced is up to quality and safe to consume. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a set of principles that includes the basis of all food safety management systems. This management system is important because this is the evidence that says that the food is safe to consume.

Smart Ovens 

Smart ovens are also newly introduced famously used items. With a smart oven you can adjust cooking temperature and duration while you are out. You can control your oven using your mobile. You can also monitor your cooking remotely in real time. After your cooking programme is finished you will receive mobile alerts. You can also control your oven using your voice. But you cannot control all the functions via the app. 

Smart Kitchens 

Smart kitchens are composed with equipment that can be connected via WiFi or bluetooth. The equipment found in smart kitchens connects to other tech such as your phone or tablet, allowing you to control appliances remotely. Smart kitchens can help you to reduce the number of accidents, increase output and lower overhead costs. A piece of smart kitchen equipment may be voice activated or remote controlled from a phone.

Smart coffee makers are extremely versatile. Wifi connectivity allows smart coffee makers to connect to mobile devices. They alert the staff when coffee is ready. They also have a feature for an integrated brew counter allowing them to prepare for preventative maintenance and accurately order coffee supplies. 

When you have a smart kitchen, you should have a very strong Wifi connection. Wifi issues can cause your smart kitchen appliance to malfunction. So you should always ensure that your WIfi connection is strong and stable.

If you think, even microwaves seemed impossible for ages. But now it’s a normal thing we use in our day-to-day life. What might have once seemed a fantasy is quickly becoming reality. Likewise, all these incorporated technologies will be once a known and not a futuristic dream in the field. 

Professional chefs need not worry about their future. This is a fast-growing and moving industry. Chefs have a great future ahead if they tend to adapt to the technology and grow with the trends.

If you are dreaming of becoming anything related to cooking, you need to take a culinary arts degree so that you can excel and master in that program. As you can see that this field is growing and thriving, it is the best career choice for all the people who love to cook. You can apply the science you have learned in your culinary arts degree program directly providing your customer with delectable foods. Choose the best degree program in culinary arts that suits your interest, and Voila you can become the best in whatever field you choose!

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