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All You Need to Know About Australia

Australia is one of the finest countries on the planet. The beauty is that it is a country and a continent too. That’s why it is one of the largest countries on Earth. Though Australia looks like an island surrounded by the ocean it is still a country. Australia is more massive than you can imagine. Each state in this country is vast. Even travelling from one state to the other might take a few hours or even a few days if you take the drive. 

Australia does have a beautiful natural habitat full of great and often unique creatures. It has unique cultures, habitats, and different kinds of animals. Whenever you see or hear about kangaroos your mind would just go to  Australia. Kangaroos are one of the rarest unique animals in the world. But this doesn’t mean that you will always see the animals roaming around the streets. It is very unrealistic. So if you are willing to see these wild animals the best way is to visit the wildlife park. Then you can see different types and can even click pictures with them. 

When you think about animals you might think about the cuddly koala, wombats, and other cute animals. But this country also has some of the most dangerous you’ll ever see. Box jellyfish is one great example. It often does kill animals. It is the most dangerous in Australia. The venom on the jellyfish contains toxins that attack the heart, nervous system, and skin. If you ever come across it just run away. 

Some of the other dangerous animals are the Taipan snake, Saltwater crocodile, Blue-ringed octopus, stonefish, Redback spider, Brown snake, great white shark, and you can go on. So you should be better careful with these creatures. And if you are travelling to Australia for the very first time it’s better if you google all these types so that you can be extra careful.

Language is spoken in Australia

Citizens who live in Australia are known as Australians. The majority of Australians speak English. Some speak English as their first language and some as their other language. They also speak many languages other than English within their families and communities too. 

Even though they speak English, they tend to have their own slang words that strongly control their conversational Australian English. 

Currency Usage

The capital of Australia is Canberra. The Hon Anthony Albanese MP is the 31st Prime minister of Australia. Christianity is the main religion in this country. The national currency of Australia is Australian dollars (AUD) and it comes in 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 notes. The notes are colourful and plastic. Everything is rounded to the nearest five cents. There are no pennies here. So the slightest change provided is five cents. 


This is a big country and it has six states and two territories. They include New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. The two internal territories are the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Australia has an extremely diverse range of geography ranging from the snow-capped mountains of the Australian Alps and Tasmania to large deserts, tropical and temperate forests, grasslands, heathlands, and woodlands. 

Australian people & culture

Australia has friendly and easy-going citizens who have values that they follow. Aussies are best known all over the world for these characters. They believe in equal opportunity for men and women and freedom for each person. They respect other people’s values and act accordingly. Aussie is mainly known for his or her laid-back outlook on life. Aussies treat a stranger as a mate that they haven’t met yet. You can see them calling and greeting each and everyone as mates. They tend to greet everyone, not just the people they know. 


The other good thing about Australia is that it is one of the most popular study destinations for students around the world. It is the third most popular destination for international students behind the United States and the UK. 

Australia has some of the best universities in the world and they offer good high-quality education. The friendly natives of Australia make it easier for international students to adapt to the environment.

VET is Vocational Education and Training which is a study that allows learning specific and practical job skills. If you are entering the workforce for the first time or if you are rejoining after a break this VET would be a great help. VET courses offer a wide range of industries. Whatever you want to learn there’s always a VET course in Australia.

So what’s the difference between VET courses and university education? University education focuses on theory and analysis whereas VET courses mainly focus on the practical skills that will be needed for certain industries. 

In Australia, you can have the best experiences mainly with the things you can do in the water. From sunbathing, swimming or surfing you can have the best experiences. The waves are just great alone in the ocean. 

Could you believe that you can sunbathe with the kangaroos? It is on one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Lucky Bay. You can lay on a white sandy beach all day. 

Australia has some of the main tourist attractions places like ;

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Uluru
  • Great Ocean Road
  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Kakadu National Park
  • Twelve Apostles
  • White heaven beach

The primary holiday season in Australia is from Christmas through the end of January. In the north, June through August are peak seasons as Australians from the southern areas travel north to escape winter. 

Australia has four different seasons than most countries. Spring is in September, October, and November. Summer is in the three hottest months December, January, and February. Autom happens in March, April, and May. June to August is in winter. Australia’s seasons are at opposite times to those in the northern hemisphere.

Even though we commonly call it summer, winter, spring, and autumn. Each part of Australia has different types of weather. For example, the summers of Perth are arid, while the heat in Brisbane is very humid.

Sports is one of the most popular activities in Australia. This country is known best for its success in cricket. AFL and rugby are the sports that get the Aussies going. Even though all the other countries celebrate football, Australia has rugby and AFL. Some other sports are swimming, cycling, dancing, basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, and many more.

Permanent resident 

To become a permanent resident in Australia you should apply for a permanent visa. When applying for a permanent visa you need to satisfy specific requirements. You need to meet the health requirements before getting the visa. Most visa applicants must meet the health requirements. This is needed to protect the Australian community from public health and safety risks. You must have a health examination to prove you meet the health requirement. After meeting the requirements you can get a permanent visa. 

The process of getting PR in Australia can be lengthy and difficult but it is attainable. You can easily get PR in certain parts of the country. Some of them are Tasmania, New South Wales, and South Australia. Among them, New South Wales is the best option to pursue higher studies and work in Australia. 

To become an Australian citizen you should meet certain requirements as well as have a permanent visa and reside in Australia for a certain amount of time. 

Australia as a country is the most beautiful and well-cultured place to live and visit. If you plan to live in Australia or just go for a vacation it is the better choice. It’s always good to know about the country before you go. It gives you direction and saves a lot of time. Making the better choice is your decision.

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